Summer of Rift Review – The Oculus Rift and Touch Controllers for $399?

Are you ready for the Summer of Rift? Where you can get Oculus Rift + Touch controllers for $399, which is $300 cheaper then before.

Oculus Rift and Touch Controllers Review

So is this the best time to get Oculus Rift? After all the price has been sliced to $399 from $699.  Which is almost 43% cheaper. The price will be $499 after the summer but this is the best time to get.

However, is it worth it?

I’ll not beat around the bush and say it as it is. VR is not where everyone expected it to be.  It didn’t hit the mainstream many of thought it would or hoped it would. There are arguably 3 main reasons for this:

  1. High Ticket Price – the price of Oculus Rift bundle with touch controllers came out at a hefty price of $699. That is much more then whole consoles, or even low-end to mid-range computers.
  2. The Need For High-End Computer – in the gaming world ruled by consoles, mobiles and tablets computers has taken backseat. So most gamers don’t have high-end computers to run Virtual Reality.
  3. Content – if you know anything about history of console or even hand-held devices their success could be largely predicted by the amount of content they have.  Which was a problem, and in a way is still a problem to this day with virtual reality.

Have These VR problems be sold?

The combination of those 3 would destroy the success of almost any console. Like I said before the history of console is not clear cut. If you look at the consoles beyond Playstation, Xbox and even Nintendo,  you would see that there have been a lot of fails.

The content is arguably the biggest thing that made some console fail and others success. This is even clear with the original Xboox and Playstation 2 compared to Playstation 3. However,  console like Sega Dreamcast and other are better example of this.

Then there is a price, spending $700 dollars on Oculus Rift or $800 or HTC Vive is about double what a whole console costs. on top of that you would need another $1000 for computer or laptop to run that.

If this was late 90s or even early 2000s many people would be willing to drop that kind of cash to play VR but with today options most casual gamers stay away.

With that said VR, especially Oculus Rift has solved all of these problems in good way, not perfect in all means, but in my opinion it did.

First of all, aside from price falling to $399 instead of $699,to drop $1000 or more you don’t longer needfor PC or even laptop to play VR it meant. This is due part of better optimization of Oculus Rift, and simple fact that computer with such requirement is a lot cheaper now then it was a year ago.

Then  you content. There is a lot of great new content on the Oculus Rift, especially if you have the touch controllers then a year ago or two.  Which is a bloodline of any system or console.

The Bottom Line of Oculus Rift and VR in General

The fact is that VR is doing a lot better then it should considering all things. This is a new technology that will only improve with time and for the rocky start it is doing actually amazing.

You have to realize that Oculus Rift has overcome some major problem of being a pioneer of the VR in 2000s.  VR has been tried before but it never got of the ground like Oculus did. And while it wasn’t perfect, or at times even pretty, Ocolus have come a long way.  And if you want to get in on the best price there is the summer of rift is the way to do it.